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direction. john hitting a- three-pointer and one more time. getting an 18. , nine rebounds stanford beat out 69-51. and his mom joined all the way from truckee aspen spora lake tahoe is the scene as this great whisky star is only 2 years old. how did you get started? and my parents i think we started first in austria. that was awesome. >> you begin and austria. >> yes. and i was teasing but you like school? i like school, for sure. without skiing, i would be a boring little nerd. >> if he's a great little kid. and they got a speeding ticket. and they were rushing to get here in she was cute and we take for granted the beauty of kron. and she was taken that this is fantastic. and she said this is the best television station i've ever been in a. and i said what others in? she said there is a room in truckee. so kron is number one. so cute, the movie is coming out. the great aspin spore bud selig drops an 'f' bomb.. .Ñ >> you have to listen closely the baseball commissioner was asked about the a's and when is he going to decide if they move to san jose. >> i feel very badly. you're not going t
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1